How to incorporate more Ghee into your lifestyle

So often I find ghee to be perceived as being solely used for cooking traditional Indian dishes. For this reason you might find yourself leaving that pot of ghee on the supermarket shelf. However, you might be surprised at just how versatile it is in the kitchen. So whether you’re new to the wonderful world of ghee, or after a bit of inspiration to include more of it in your cooking, then keep reading as I’m about to share some of my favourite ways to utilise my range of grass-fed ghee. 

Why use grass-fed ghee?

The dairy industry relies heavily on the use of grain as the main food source for their cows. Although it’s unnatural for cows to eat anything but grass, feeding grain is merely an answer to consumer demand. Sounds innocent enough? Not quite. There’s a little more than meets the eye.  

The concept of grain-fed is that it speeds up a cow’s growth, bringing them from farm to plate in a fraction of time than being grass-fed. However throughout that process, cows end up encountering a number of illnesses, as it’s very unnatural for them to be placed in a crowded pen eating grain all day. 

Antibiotics are used to either prevent or treat illnesses, along with a clever cocktail of hormones which are also added to cow’s feed, in order to get them grown to full size as quick as possible. All that added human intervention also affects dairy products such as butter (which ghee is processed from) and becomes quite toxic to our health. It’s really not a pretty topic to research.

On the other hand, grass-fed cows are offered plenty of roaming space to eat a diet that is natural and known to them. Any dairy by-product retains the many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in their full form. Keep in mind that ghee has a very unique nutritional profile which is 100% preserved in grass-fed cows. There are some very interesting studies that examine the incredible health benefits of consuming grass-fed dairy products.   

My product range (all grass-fed)

Original Ghee

A great starting point if ghee is still quite foreign to your cooking experience.  Any time you would use butter, swap it up with original ghee:

  • Spread on muffins, croissants and other freshly baked goods. 
  • Any recipe that calls for the use of spices and herbs, ghee is known to absorb the nutrients contained within. 
  • When cooking at high temperatures, ghee is very heat stable and won’t begin to burn (compared to coconut or olive oil) which helps to preserve the end flavour and retain nutrients. 
  • Add a teaspoon of ghee to your morning coffee or chai for increased energy and nourishment throughout the day (thanks to the beneficial medium-chain fatty acids).  

Garlic infused Ghee

As garlic is so often used as a base for many recipes, it made sense to create a go-to ghee that could be frequently used throughout your meals.  

  • Perfect for combining with most meats.
  • Makes a great spread on toast. 
  • A great combination for steamed or sautéed leafy greens which can often taste quite bland on their own. 
  • Roast your favourite vegetables such as potatoes, beetroot, sweet potato and carrot brushed with garlic infused ghee, tossed with freshly cut rosemary sprigs and a dash of Himalayan salt.

Lime infused Ghee

  • By heating a small amount of lime infused ghee in a saucepan, it becomes the perfect condiment for drizzling over a stack of hot pancakes, transforming them into a gourmet breakfast. 
  • A wonderful harmonising flavour to add to fresh seafood.
  • Great for brushing onto barbeque grilled corn.
  • For a vegetarian option heat black beans in a saucepan with lime infused ghee and cracked black pepper- you’ll find the zesty taste of lime and the sharpness of black pepper to be a perfect match. 

Once you start exploring the many ways in which to utilise ghee in the kitchen, you’ll find it hard to go a day without it! From frying to sautéing, baking, spreading, roasting or drizzling, there really is no limit to the many uses of ghee. So whether you’re tantalising your sweet or savoury taste buds, don’t be afraid to get creative with my full range of flavour infused grass-fed ghees.  

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